upcoming events 2024
MAY 25 | COCOON Santa Fe: solo set, alongside 99jakes, magpie cemetery, tba
MAR 15 | LOST PADRE, Santa Fe: solo set
FEB 17 | ICA-SF, Santa Fe: SFNO x Palmerie: Drone Night in honor of Phil Niblock
JAN 6 | COCOON Santa Fe: duo with Helen Pinch, alongisde Chacon, Nakatani, Santistevan trio

Theo Krantz (b. 1993) is an experimental musician and audio-visual artist based in Santa Fe, NM. His work is often a collage of magnetic tape, radios, and synthesizers as well as field recordings, found-sounds, and manipulated commercial media.Primarily an intuitive, process based artist, his engagement with the materiality of the recording medium is central to his practice. Combining ideas and techniques from the more academic musique concrète with the renegade ethos of plunderphonics, sounds are recorded and resampled across multiple mediums and formats; stretched and warped, and recombined again in highly textural collages and compositions.In his visual work, Krantz deliberately collides and overlays images from videotape in mixers, mirroring his process in audio. His goal is to transform source material into raw form. Krantz aims to provide the audience with a subtle perceptual shift, inviting them into a new realm of sight and hearing.Beyond his individual projects, Krantz applies his audio expertise as an engineer for recorded music and podcasts, is the lead composer for the Spare Parts visual novel, produces a bi-weekly radio program for Santa Fe public radio, and has run the cry like donna tape/net label since 2016.


A selection of my different projects, including orchestral, experimental, plunderphonic, radiophonic, and video game music.

selected original work

Subliminal Exercise is an ~hour long broadcast of live tape mixing sound collage, focusing on repurposing old tapes into a hypnotic, plunderphonic experience.

subliminal exercise radio archive



- cry like donna record label- vgm composer at Spare Parts- editor at Otherworld Podcast- producer for [subliminal exercise] at Radio Brennpunkt- producer for [outer heaven] at KSFR FM 101.1- organizer for Santa Fe Noise Ordinance experimental concert series

in the past

- recording engineer for Campbient 2024 Sound Art Residency | Jun 2024- radiophonic performance for Longitudes at CO-OPt Research + Projects | Sept 2023- subex a/v performance at Currents New Media Festival | Jun 2023- sandbox series performance at Jean Cocteau Cinema | Mar 2023- single channel video for Resonances opening at Currents 826 | Feb 2023- subex a/v performance at Currents New Media Festival | Jun 2022- resident at Campbient 2021 Sound Art Residency | Sept 2021- livestream co-producer for Currents New Media Festival | Jun 2021- featured performer at Thoma Art House | Nov 2019